About Regional Health Care Partnerships

      Development Tools

      The following documents from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission are intended to assist stakeholders in developing RHPs.
      Community Data and Resources for RHP Assessment of Needs (DOC) - This list of data and resources are intended to help RHP participants complete the community needs assessment portion of RHP plans.

      Overview of RHP Development Process (PDF) – This overview of the RHP development process includes a brief review of the UPL program, RHP requirements under DSRIP, and HHSC next steps.

      RHP Governance Overview (PDF) – This document outlines Governance Principles and proposed RHP Planning Protocol.  This draft is pending approval from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

      IGT Guidelines (PDF) – These guidelines include principles and examples of potential Intergovernmental Transfers under the 1115 waiver.  HHSC intends for RHPs to use this document as high level guidance, not an exhaustive list of possible IGT scenarios.

      DSRIP Funding and Reporting Flow (PDF) – The intention of this graphic is to provide a visual for how funding and reporting may flow under DSRIP.  As demonstrated, another IGT entity’s funding should not flow through the anchor.

      DRAFT of RHP Plan Template (PDF) – HHSC continues to develop the Plan Template that all RHPs will be responsible for completing and submitting to HHSC by September 1, 2012.  This draft is intended to give developing RHPs a general idea of what will be expected to support planning efforts, including the development of a community needs assessment and stakeholder engagement, which are important steps in completing an RHP Plan. HHSC WILL NOT ACCEPT COMPLETION OF THIS DRAFT TEMPLATE FROM ANY RHP.

      Preliminary RHP map (PDF) – This preliminary map dated February 7, 2012 developed by HHSC was distributed to IGT entities.  Stakeholders submitted feedback, which HHSC has analyzed and included in the updated map below.

      Proposed RHP Map (PDF) – This updated map of the proposed RHPs by geographic area dated March 30, 2012 is based on hundreds of responses to the HHSC preliminary RHP map.  Further details concerning how HHSC developed this map are included below under “RHP Principles.”

      RHP Principles (PDF) – This document includes an overview of HHSC’s approach to updating proposed RHPs based on stakeholder feedback, as well as next steps and general RHP development guidelines. The intent of these guidelines is to define an RHP, outline terms of RHP participation, and clarify the role of anchoring entities.

      Preliminary Anchors (PDF) – RHP participants can use this list of preliminary anchors by RHP region to assist with regional planning. HHSC included on this list all proposed RHP anchor entities submitted in response to the February 2012 RHP map survey except for entities that HHSC determined cannot be anchors.

      RHP Confirmation Form  – Each RHP anchor must complete this form and submit it to HHSC by April 24, 2012, to determine the geographical boundaries of the RHP.  The form may be used to either confirm or suggest changes to HHSC’s proposed RHP map.  HHSC will only accept one form from: (1) each anchoring entity, and (2) for those with conflicts in RHP placement, a county.  Further instruction is included in the attachment.

      DRAFT DSRIP menu (PDF) – HHSC developed this draft DSRIP menu with guidance from the Clinical Champions Workgroup and the Texas Medical Foundation Health Quality Institute. Comments will be due to TX-DSRIP@tmf.org by April 23, 2012.  HHSC will soon provide instruction on how to submit comments on this draft menu. 

      DSRIP menu overview (PDF) – This is a supplemental guide to the Draft DSRIP menu provided above.

      RHP  Development Timeline

      HHSC has not yet granted approval for the boundaries of any RHPs nor designation of any anchoring entity.

      • March 1, 2012 – HHSC submitted UC protocol to federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
      • March - April 2012 – Preliminary RHP participants meet throughout the state and establish RHP areas.
      • May 1, 2012 – All RHP regions should be formed.  HHSC will provide a form that can be submitted via TXHealthcareTransformation@hhsc.state.tx.us to confirm RHP regions.
      • August 31, 2012 – HHSC must submit to CMS the finalized RHP regions and DSRIP menu of projects and payment protocol.
      • September 1, 2012 – All RHPs must submit plans to HHSC.
      • October 31, 2012 – HHSC must submit final RHP plans to CMS.

      Roles and responsibilities matrix

      UTMB and the Regional Partnership

      Although UTMB has a reach that extends statewide and beyond, the majority of patients treated at UTMB reside in the Southeast region of the state.  This area of Southeast Texas (Region 2 in the RHP map) is the region that UTMB would like to coordinate for the Texas Health Care Transformation and Quality Improvement Program.  This region includes the counties Angelina, Hardin, Houston, Jasper, Jefferson, Nacogdoches, Newton, Orange, Polk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, Trinity, Tyler, Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston, Liberty, Matagorda, Montgomery, Walker, Waller, and Wharton.

      Relationships with local county governments, private health care providers, and community partners have been built and maintained over many years in this region.  UTMB has served the populations of the communities in this region with a variety of services through its various programs and through relationships with other providers or partners in the community.

      The list below demonstrates the many ways that UTMB supports the Southeast Texas region to provide patient care across the continuum.   See the maps in our presentation to better understand UTMB’s scope of relationships and services. 

      • Network of over 80 clinics at 40 sites offering primary and specialty care
      • Regional Maternal and Child Health Program (RMCHP) clinics throughout the region, often co-located with Women, Infants and Children (WIC) offices
      • Telemedicine sites to support RMCHP, private contracts for care, Correctional Managed Care, and outpatient clinics
      • Educational affiliations for students and residents throughout the region
      • East Texas Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
      • County and Hospital District contracts to provide indigent care for patients
      • Southeast Poison Control region
      • Working relationships with private hospitals transferring patients for higher levels of care
      • Working relationships with hospitals providing care to the offender population


UTMB looks forward to working with counties, other hospitals, providers, and communities to build a regional health care partnership in the Southeast Texas region.  UTMB is committed to improving access to and quality of care for all patients throughout Texas, and believes that through the Regional Health Care Partnership in the Southeast Region of Texas the needs of patient populations can be addressed.

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