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Welcome to the UTMB NHLBI Proteomic Center for Airway Inflammation

Alexander Kurosky, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

The UTMB NHLBI Proteomic Center for Airway Inflammation is one of 10 highly interactive, multidisciplinary Proteomic Centers in the US. The NHLBI took the initiative to establish these centers to enhance and develop innovative proteomic technologies and apply them to relevant biological questions that will advance our knowledge of heart, lung, blood, and sleep health and disease. This initiative is intended to complement and enhance the NHLBI's ongoing research programs, which represent substantial investments in clinical research, genomic research, basic biology, technologies, and training and education programs.


Proteomic Technologies
  Protein Separation & Identification (A. Kurosky, Team A Leader)
  Array-Based Affinity Technologies (D. Gorenstein, Team B Leader)
  HT Flow Cytometry & Cell Selection (J. Leary, Team C Leader)

Airway Inflammation Biology
  Cellular Inflammation Model (A. Brasier, Task I Leader)
  Mouse Inflammation Model (R. Garofalo, Task II Leader)
  Human Inflammation Model (R. Alam, Task III Leader)

  UTMB Biomolecular Resource Facility
  UTMB Bioinformatices Program

National Heart, Lung, and
NHLBI - Proteomics Administrative Center


Nuclear Proteome Project


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