Tuition and Fees



Personal Expenses
Monthly Cost

Multiply your monthly cost by the number of months in your enrollment period.  There are allowances for child care or dependent care costs if applicable.

Dependent Care

For additional dependents, students may increase cost by $285 per month for each dependent.  Families who are separated from their children may, with documentation, be funded for three trips per twelve-month period at a cost not to exceed $250 per trip.

Child Care

For a single parent or working spouse family, child care may be funded at the actual cost, not to exceed $420/month for 1 child, $798/month for 2 children, and $1176/month for 3 or more children.  An additional $17 per week will be allowed for infant care.

Books and Supplies

The University Bookstore cost for required books, plus a $300 per semester supply allowance will be included for all students on financial aid.  This amount will be calculated for the entire enrollment period.

Students who repeat any given year will only be allowed $100 per semester for supplies during the repeated term.

Unusual Costs

A clothing allowance of $750 per year has been added to personal expenses for all students required to be in a clinical setting.

Externship/Preceptorship funding of $2000 will be allowed in the senior year of medical school.

Externship/Preceptorship funding of $1000 will be allowed in the clinical year for SOHP students.

USMLE expenses have been included in the books/supplies allowance for year 2, 3 and 4 medical students.

Computer Allowance
Students may have an aggregate allowance of $3,000 for computer purchase/upgrade.  This may be used one time; or multiple times over more than one year not to exceed the total amount of $3,000.  Specific PC recommendations and purchase option information is available via UTMB Student Info web site

Each student must maintain health while a student at UTMB. This requirement can be met through your current private health insurance, or the UT System endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield administered by Academic Health Plans. For more information, visit the AHP website at or call the AHP Customer Care number at 855-247-2273.




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