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MSDS Point of Care Testing
Reagents and Chemicals

Quantimerix Control
ChemStrips, 7, 10, GP Urine - **
Blood Glucose
AccuChek Comfort Control Solution
Ascensia Elite Blood Glucose Test Strips
Ascensia Elite Control Solution
Occult Blood
Coloscreen Developer
Ethanol 190 Proof
Hydrogen Peroxide
Hemocult Developer
Hemoccult SENSA Developer
Strep A (Rapid Testing) Signify Brand
Acetic Acid
Sodium Nitrite
Sodium Azide
(Reagents for Signify Test Kit)
Strep A (Rapid Testing) OSOM Brand
OSOM Ultra Strep A Test Kit and all included Products in Kit
OSOM Ultra Strep A Test
Wet Prep
Potassium Hydroxide Solution
Dimethyl Sulfoxide DMSO
Coagu-Chek S
Coagu-Check S Control System - **
Low Volume PT Test Kit - **
Pregnancy uhCG
Stanbio QuStick hCG kit - **
Stanbio Urine hCG Kit - **
Genzyme Signify hCG Urine/Serum kit - (3 Minute Test) **
Wampole Signify hCG Pregnancy Test Kit (5 Minute Test)
Influenza Rapid Test
Quidel Rapid Flu A&B
Activated Clotting Time Tests
ACT Celite 510
ACT Kaolin 510
AVOX Co-Oximeter Controls
AVOX Co-Oximeter Controls
Hemoglobin Tests
e-Check Controls
HemoCue Cuvettes


For Chemical Products not listed above the Vermont SIRI Database Site below should be accessed and an attempt made to locate the chemical in question using the search capability. If you still need assistance or are unable to find the information needed please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 409-772-1781 or (x21781).

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