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Critical Care Expert

Donald S. Prough, M.D.
Critical Care Expert


OFFICE (409) 772-2965
ISELA RAMOS (409) 747-1769

Donald S. Prough, M.D.

Critical Care Expert


Professor and Chair, Department of Anesthesiology
Interim Dean of the School of Medicine

Expertise / Area(s) of Interest

Critical Care Medicine, Traumatic Brain Injury

Recent Media / Articles

  • Gandhi DS, Weiskopf RB, Jungheinrich C, Koorn R, Miller D, Shangraw RE, Prough DS, Baus D, Bepperling F, Warltier DC. Volume replacement therapy during major orthopedic surgery using Voluven (hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4) or hetastarch. Anesthesiology. 2007,106(6):1120-1127.
  • Enkhbaatar P, Cox RA, Traber LD, Westphal M, Aimalohi E, Morita N, Prough DS, Herndon DN, Traber DL. Aerosolized anticoagulants ameliorate acute lung injury in sheep after exposure to burn and smoke inhalation. Crit Care Med. 2007,35(12):2805-2810.
  • Norberg A, Hahn RG, Li H, Olsson J, Prough DS, Borsheim E, Wolf S, Minton R. Population volume kinetics predicts retention of 0.9% saline infused in awake and isoflurane-anesthetized voluneers. Anesthesiology,2007,107(1):24-32.

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