Say hello to UTMB's new K9 law enforcer, Noey. She partners with UTMB Criminal Investigations Officer, William Braunsdorf and is specially trained in explosive detection and patrol work. 

Join us in welcoming Noey to the UTMB family!

Is this the first K9 for UTMB Police Department?

Yes, as I understand it, Noey is the first departmental funded K9.

How did this come about?

Canines, because of their superior senses of hearing and smell, are a valuable supplement to police operations.  Our unique community, schools, hospitals, laboratories and infrastructure are well served by a trained police dog.   

Is she trained to detect bombs only or what else?

Noey is trained and nationally certified through International Police Working Dog Association in the detection of 13 explosive compounds. Noey is also trained in patrol work (i.e. tracking and apprehensions).  

I know she's new to campus and her job, but what's a typical day like?

As of right now she is getting accustomed to the campus environment interacting with the students, faculty, and visitors. We train daily at various locations on campus in both explosive detection and patrol work. We set up practical problems for her to work and then document the training.  

Where was she trained, and did you have to attend training as well? 

Noey was trained at Global Training Academy in Somerset Texas, We trained together for six weeks in explosive detection and patrol work.  

Are you her primary officer? Is she able to work with other officers as well? 

I am the K9 Officer. Noey and I are a K9 team and I am her only handler.  

Where does she live and what does she do when she's not on duty?

Noey and I are a team she lives with me and is on duty any time that I am. When our shift is over she and I go to my home where she has a large kennel in my back yard.  

How old is she?

Noey will be 2 years of age in May of this year.

I hear she will be a model in the Earth Day fashion show. Would that be a good time for UTMB folks to come out and meet her? 

Yes, Earth Day would be a great time to meet Noey.