The Gulf Coast Consortium for Translational Pain Research held its Fourth Biennial Symposium at the BioScience Research Collaborative in Houston.  Invited speakers included Dr. Kathryn Cunningham, director of the Center for Addiction Research at UTMB, Dr. Michael Caterina, John Hopkins Univeristy, Dr. Frank Porreca, University of Arizona and Dr. David Yeomans, Stanford University. 


UTMB’s Jin Mo Chung, professor of neuroscience and cell biology and a founding director, hosted the inaugural symposium at UTMB in 2008. He remains on the executive committee, which includes UTMB members Susan Carlton, Volker Neugebauer, Claire Hulsebosch and Denise Wilkes.


Topics presented during the event included:     

  • Impulse Control, Addiction and Pain
  • TRPV Ion Channels Make Skin Sensational
  • Analgesic Effects of Nasal Oxytocin in Chronic Migraine
  • Mechanistic Evaluation of Affective Dimensions of Pain Preclinically

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows award winners were:

Stephanie Gregoire, UTMB; Geoffroy Laumet, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center; Alexis Bavencoffe, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center; Zizhen Wu, UT Health Science Center- Houston; Alyssa Kosturakis, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center; Dr. Patrick Dougherty, director of Gulf Coast Consortium for Translational Pain Research.

The event was sponsored by:

Gulf Coast Consortium for Translational Pain Research 

UTHSC-H Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology 

UTMB Department of Internal Medicine 

UTMB Department of Neurosciences and Cell Biology 

UTMDACC Division of Anesthesiology and Critical Care