UTMB Health has developed a new online training system to streamline its processes for delivering and maintaining required compliance-related training.
What are the benefits?
  • The Enterprise Learning Management system replaces the Blackboard system as the host of the institution’s online training courses, and it offers a number of benefits:
  • Single operating platform – The new system provides users with a secure, controlled environment for managing their compliance-related training.
  • Customized courses – The Enterprise Learning Management system gives departments the flexibility to create courses specific to their training and development needs.
  • Automated email notifications and reminders – Users will receive automatically generated email notifications and reminders about mandatory training courses.
  • Standardized tracking and reporting – The new system offers enhanced tracking and reporting tools to comply with institutional and state regulations.
  • Increased visibility – with the Enterprise Learning Management system, users have the ability to review their course transcripts at any time and to print certificates of completion. 
What do I need to do?
You must complete an enrollment survey to receive your assigned compliance-related training and activities for FY2014. To access the new online training system and to complete the required survey, follow these steps:
1.      Click here to log in to the Enterprise Learning Management system.
2.      Enter your User ID and Password.
3.      Click on Main Menu at the top of your screen.
4.      Select UTMB Menu from the dropdown list.
5.      Click on Enrollment Survey.
6.      Complete the survey. 
When you finish the survey, you will be automatically redirected to your All Learning page to see your assigned training and activities.
Where can I learn more about the new system?
Click here for more-detailed instructions on how to use the new online training system.
Should you have any questions or need additional information about the Enterprise Learning Management system, please contact Organizational and Workforce Development at (409) 747-6700. For technical assistance, please contact the UTMB Service Desk at (409) 772-5200 or (888) 898-2401.
Ronald B. McKinley, PhD, MBA, SPHR
Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Services