Healthy adults 18 to 45 years old are needed for the study of a dengue vaccine. The study will require 13 visits for about four months and reimbursement for time and travel is provided. For information, contact Carrie Harrington, 409-772-1696 or

Those interested also can contact the clinical trials group at 409-772-5278 or

Visiting Campus

• “Psychiatry 2.0” was the topic of Dr. John Luo, associate clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior in Los Angeles.

• Jeff Gelles, professor of biochemistry and molecular pharmacology at Brandeis University, spoke on spliceosome assembly and activation.

• “Exosomes in immune surveillance and as novel vaccines and diagnostic markers for tuberculosis” was presented by Jeffrey Schorey, associate director of the Eck Institute for Global Health in the Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases at the University of Notre Dame.

• Carol H. Miao, associate professor at the Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies at Seattle Children’s Hospital, spoke on “Gene therapy and immunomodulation for hemophilia treatment.”


• Dr. Michael Kinsky, clinical director of the resuscitation research laboratory, presented “Fluid resuscitation of hemorrhagic shock: Decision support and closed loop fluid therapy.”

• Gracie Vargas, of the Center for Biomedical Engineering, spoke on nonlinear optical microscopy.