Was it kismet? Karma? Or just a longing for a cup of coffee?

It was Aug. 31, 2009 and Amis Carlisle had just arrived in Galveston, looking for a job.   While he didn’t land a job the next day on Sept. 1, he did meet his future wife, Kristy Acosta, a medical student at UTMB.

Both Carlisle and Acosta automatically reel off  “Sept. 1, 2009,” when asked separately when they met. 
“It was at the Starbucks on Harborside and I thought she was cute,” Carlisle said. “Still do.”
“We just started talking and hit it off,” Acosta echoed.
Luck must have still been in the Galveston air because Carlisle got a job the next day, the couple began to date and romance blossomed.
On Saturday, Acosta graduated from UTMB’s School of Medicine in the morning and the pair were married later in the day at Sacred Heart Church in Galveston.
“It’s like the end of one adventure and the beginning of a new adventure for both of us,” Carlisle said.
But the honeymoon will have to wait. Kristy and some of her medical school girlfriends are headed to Las Vegas to blow off some steam. “He’s been so good about that. He said, ‘You should go with your friends that you may not see for a long time,’” Acosta said.
Next, it’s off to Hawaii for the newlyweds.  
And after that, they’ll be moving to Fort Worth where Acosta will be a resident in family medicine at John Peter Smith Hospital.