On Tuesday, June 5, UTMB hosted the “2012 Hurricane Prep Made Simple: A Meeting for the UTMB Community.” A concise overview of UTMB’s hurricane preparedness plan was presented. Other highlights included discussion on how decisions are made when a storm enters the Gulf, the outlook for the 2012 season, an individual’s responsibilities as a student or employee, and how the university will communicate with these individuals before, during and after a storm.

Go here to watch a video of the presentation.


Work and personal checklist
  • Develop a personal or family emergency plan
  • Get familiar with your departmental emergency plan
  • Get familiar with our institutional plan, which has been recently updated and is online.
  • Review the Employee Acknowledgement Form with your supervisor before hurricane season.
  • Talk with supervisor or faculty advisor regarding your UTMB role before, during and after the emergency.
  • Know whether you are designated with “Essential” or “Non-essential” emergency status; understand what your designation means and what your role is in a crisis.
  • Talk with family and make plans based on your assigned role (don’t forget to make arrangements for your pets).
  • Notify your supervisor ahead of time if your personal situation or home contact information changes.
  • Stay alert and stay informed of possible weather threats.
  • All employees should wear their university identification whenever on campus; in a crisis, the orange “essential” badge cards and parking permits will be required for those remaining on campus.
  • Most importantly, preserve your health and safety. Please do not put your life at risk in dangerous conditions to report to work or school.
Family checklist
Your hurricane survival kit will be valuable whether you decide to evacuate or elect to stay and experience a loss of electricity, water or other utilities. Set aside the following items before a hurricane threatens:
  • Drinking water
  • Emergency lighting
  • Food
  • A battery-operated radio
  • Important papers
  • Medications
  • Clothing
Update your directory and UTMB Alerts information to ensure that you receive emergency notifications.
Make sure your contact information and physical location at the university are accurate, to help with timely notification of emergencies affecting your work area. Click “Edit Information” above your listing in the Online Directory.
UTMB Alerts          
UTMB employees and students are automatically enrolled in the UTMB Alerts notification system, using basic directory information such as UTMB email and phone number. You can add more contact numbers/email addresses where you can be reached and you can change the order in which the system attempts to contact you. To edit your preferences, log in to your “Edit Information” screen on the Online Directory web site and click the red “Emergency Alert Contacts” link.
Recommended UTMB Alerts priority settings
  1. SMS (text)
  2. Mobile phone (business or personal)
  3. Business phone (direct line preferred)
  4. Business email
  5. Personal email
  6. Home phone
Coming soon
The ability to update your Online Directory and UTMB Alerts information (among other data) from Employee Self-Service or MyStar (for students).Watch iUTMB for more information.
for emergency operations, communications, community and family preparedness information
your Online Directory and UTMB Alerts information. (see left)
the UTMB Hotline at 409-77-ALERT (409-772-5378) or
(888 772-5449) for information before, during and after the storm
www.utmb.edu or www.utmbinfo.com
for situation updates, instructions, relevant links and contact information
for the latest information from the NOAA Tropical Prediction Center
local television & radio stations, including KPRC/950 AM, KTRH/740 AM and KIKK/96 FM in Houston
UTMB Health’s social media websites
your supervisor or faculty advisor if you have any questions
For more detail, visit the UTMB Emergency website