We all play a role in maintaining our work environments. Removing obstructions from hallways, picking up small pieces of trash, reporting cigarette butts, or reporting broken ceiling tiles, drippy faucets/ toilets, and issues with fire doors and magnetic closures will go a long way.

It’s now easier than ever for UTMB’s faculty, staff, patients and students to quickly resolve service issues by dialing one number:  2-4040 – one call does it all for service issues! Requests may also be made with each area’s designated Zone Mechanic.
Calls will be routed to the UTMB Service Response Center, which has recently expanded its services to act as the single point of contact for all clinical support services in the following areas:
  • Environmental Service
  • Pest Control
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Clinical Equipment
  • Nursing Unit Support
  • Maintenance, Utilities, In-house Construction
 The Service Response Center team will answer all calls and enter caller information into a tracking/dispatching system to ensure each request is sent to the appropriate service department for action. Requests will be prioritized by the technician into the following categories:
  • Stat – Life threatening; could pose significant physical harm to persons or financial damage to institution and/or equipment where time compounds the impact directly. Response time – less than 30 minutes; repair time – as soon as possible.
  • Urgent – Impacts ability to provide services or maintain operations.  Response time – less than 8 hours; repair time – within 48 hours.
  • Routine – Addresses equipment and systems that do not impact ability to provide service or maintain operations. Response time – less than 72 hours; repair time – within 2 weeks.
  • Project – Corrective work that requires utility shutdowns and significant expenditure of time and money; does not threaten life, create a significant financial impact, or significantly impact ability to perform job or service. Response time – less than 2 weeks; repair time – within 4 weeks.
A confirmation email will be sent to the individual making the request; he or she can also expect additional emails as the incident is opened and closed. Progress of each request will be tracked to ensure it is handled appropriately and in a timely manner.
Please keep in mind, in some cases, further investigation and follow-up on the complexity of particular requests may be necessary.