A group of professional surfers bearing gifts came to visit patients at UTMB's Children’s Hospital. The athletes are members of the Mauli Ola Foundation, a charitable organization that promotes awareness of genetic disease and support for patients.

Mauli Ola organizes Surf Experience Days that pair professional surf instructors and novice surf students who have cystic fibrosis to introduce them to the healing properties of exercise, ocean air, achievement and fun in a supportive environment. The surfers were in town to hold a Surf Experience Day in Galveston for cystic fibrosis patients on Friday, August 24.

Hypertonic saline, which is prevalent in the ocean air just above the water’s surface, has been shown to be a natural treatment for people with cystic fibrosis.

The athletes went from room to room at UTMB’s Children’s Hospital pulling a wagon load of gifts for patients. They gave each child an autographed poster, a Cool Dude t-shirt, headphones, stickers, sunglasses and a flexfit hat designed by pro surfer Kalani Robb. The bedside visits included conversations about surfing, mixed martial arts, motocross and other extreme sports.