U.S. Army Specialist and Galveston native, Johnathan Hrachovina, made a special delivery of sharks, teddy bears, lizards and other stuffed animals to the children of UTMB’s Pediatric/PICU unit. Hrachovina , along with his fellow servicemen and women, raised money to purchase dozens of stuffed animals to brighten the lives of UTMB’s youngest patients and to “let them know that they are the true heroes in their daily battle to get well.”

Spc. Hrachovina had just returned home from Afghanistan when he made the visit and has since flown back to Afghanistan for another assignment. He shared a message of faith with each child and their families, saying that they are brave heroes and reminding them that they are not forgotten and are being carried in prayer by him and his fellow servicemen and women.  He presented each child with a stuffed animal of their choice – ranging from sharks to pink teddy bears – along with an autographed photo of himself in Afghanistan.  He said he is looking forward to coming back and visiting UTMB again next year.