A third tower crane is on campus for the construction site of the new Jennie Sealy Hospital. The new crane will initially be 181 feet tall. The tallest one on-site is 260 feet high.

Jennie Sealy Hospital is scheduled to open in 2016. It will have two distinctive towers, 310 patient rooms and an adjoining seven-floor support building, the Clinical Services Wing, now under construction.

Calling all alumni

The UTMB School of Nursing Alumni Association is accepting nominations for distinguished graduates with outstanding service to the nursing profession and humanity.

The deadline for nominations is Nov. 30. For more information, go to http://alumni.utmb.edu/SON2013Awards.

Institute for the Medical Humanities colloquium

Dr. Sharon Croisant, associate professor and director of the community-based research facility, presented “Community engagement in research: It’s all in the translation.”

Sealy Center on Aging

The center, in conjunction with research services, hosted the 16th annual Forum on Aging poster session, featuring ongoing research.

More information on the center and its work can be found at www.utmb.edu/scoa.

Pepper lecture

Heidi Lutz, a training specialist in research education, presented “Understanding NIH public access policy” for the Sealy Center on Aging Pepper Investigator’s lecture.

Center for Addiction Research

“Convergence of impulsivity and addictive phenotypes: Implications for new pharmacotherapeutic strategies” was presented by Director Kathryn A. Cunningham