In late October, UTMB Business Operations and Facilities (BOF) personnel gathered in the newly-completed UTMB On-Line Testing Center to celebrate completion of 80 percent of the Hurricane Ike repair and reconstruction work. More than a million square feet of UTMB facilities were damaged in the September 2008 storm, and UTMB met its goal of returning 80 percent of the affected space back to service by August 2012.

Mike Shriner, vice president of the unit, applauded his team for its “extraordinary effort and accomplishments” in returning damaged facilities back to their original or an improved state.

Other projects of note include: design of the new short-stay, inpatient care facility and power plant at Victory Lakes; planning for the new district heating and cooling system; retrofit of light fixtures across campus to accommodate 7,500 high-efficiency LED lamps; ongoing construction of the protective flood wall for the Primary Care Pavilion; planning work for the replacement of the John Sealy Hospital façade; ongoing renovation work at Open Gates, Old Red and 1700 Strand; and substantial completion of renovation work creating two new educational suites for the School of Health Professions.