September 21, 2010

Texas Medical Center welcomes UTMB

UTMB officials were the guests of honor at a recent luncheon at the Texas Medical Center to officially welcome UTMB... read article »

Phishing? Don't take the bait!

Phish-ing (fish’ing) Webster’s Dictionary defines it as the practice of luring unsuspecting Internet users to a fake web site... read more »

 July 23, 2010

Scientists seek to grow new lungs from stem cells

For someone with a severe, incurable lung disorder such as cystic fibrosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a lung transplant... read article »

Clinic offers free therapy to victims of stroke

Stroke is one of the scariest words in the English language. The event it signifies — a sudden interruption of blood flow to... read article »

Center for Addiction Research announces grant winners

UTMB's Center for Addiction Research recently hosted its inaugural State of the Center event. The event honored the... read article »

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Protect your eyes during summer activities

Summer months are filled with fun outdoor activities. Whether you are at play or working around the house, it’s important to protect your eyes.... read article »


Victory Lakes offers self referrals for mammograms

The new Radiology Imaging Center at Victory Lakes is now offering all women over 40 years old the opportunity to schedule a mammogram without an order... read article »


UTMB receives grant to help children with disabilities

UTMB was recently awarded a 4-year, $800,000 training grant funded by the US Department of Education to prepare licensed physical... read article »