September 21, 2010

Announcing the New Jennie Sealy Hospital

Expansive in scope, bold in dimension, profound in its implications, this new facility—the Jennie Sealy Hospital—heralds a new era in... read article »

 February 3, 2012

Working Together the Future is Ours

As the Working Together, the Future is Ours campaign launches, every member of the UTMB community will have an opportunity to make a powerful statement about the university's bright future. The Family Campaign is an all-important first step in UTMB's $450 million Working Wonders campaign, the largest fundraising effort in our history.

Whether you make a gift to support the $438 million Jennie Sealy Hospital, invest in the university’s research enterprise or support the many talented students who call UTMB their educational home, you are signaling a powerful belief in the future of health care in Texas—and beyond.

So many others look to the example of our philanthropy. They ask a simple question: “Does UTMB have the support of its own?” For us to reach out to other benefactors—UTMB alumni, community leaders and private foundations—and point to the family’s remarkable outpouring of support will be a powerful endorsement of the university.

This is a shared vision for what UTMB can—and must—be in the years to come. This is a chance for all of us to stand tall in support of our university. This truly is our moment.

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Sharing the vision

Family Campaign co-chairs Donna Sollenberger, executive vice president and chief executive officer UTMB Health System, and Dr. Ben Raimer, senior vice president for Health Policy and Legislative Affairs, will be sharing their personal thoughts throughout the campaign on the exiciting future in store for UTMB. Read the first blog installment from Donna Sollenberger here ».