September 21, 2010

Shining Stars

Members of UTMB’s Family Medicine Student Interest Group coordinated the administration of flu shots to community members who attend the weekly... read article »

UTMB recognized for organ donation and transplant

UTMB was among 404 hospitals, 38 organ procurement organizations (OPOs), and 174 transplant programs recently recognized by the Department of Health... read article »

Around campus

The Osler Student Societies will host the fifth annual UTMB Halloween Carnival from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday on the Plaza of Moody Medical Library at... read article »

 October 25, 2012

UTMB unveils new Heart Rhythm Center

It was a typical morning for Adrienne and Dan. They woke up and turned to each other to welcome the day with a kiss and an “I love you.” ... read article »


UTMB receives national education award

A unique program at UTMB has won a national award for innovations in research training and education. The program, a joint effort of... read article »

Preemies reunite at fifth annual celebration

UTMB hosted its fifth annual Preemie Reunion Saturday, Oct. 13 at the Moody Medical Library Plaza. The carnival-themed event... read article »

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Pharmacists help fight disease

Every year in the United States around 42,000 adults and 300 children die from vaccine-preventable infections including influenza, pneumococcal disease and hepatitis B... read article »

UTMB psychiatrist wins international prize for research

Up until about the last decade, there were little data on the efficacy and safety of the medications commonly used to treat children and adolescents... read article »

BRA Day promotes breast reconstruction awareness
Women in the United States with health insurance have had the right to choose breast reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer since 1998... read article »