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SECC LAST DAY: Let's make today count

The State Employee Charitable Campaign ends TODAY!

We have surpassed our goal, but we will continue to accept pledges throughout the day. Our support is so important to so many; let's make our dollars count during this season of sharing.

Thanks to all who have already given so generously. For those who have not yet contributed, there is still one more chance, but today's deadline is firm. Please don’t delay and miss this wonderful opportunity to share some holiday cheer and happiness with those who are less fortunate.
Please make your gift today by visiting www.utmb.edu/SECC.
It’s quick, it’s easy, and it feels great to share whatever amount you are able to contribute.
On the SECC web site, you can review the many available causes and charities, see newly added reasons why other employees support the campaign, check how the participation in your area compares to others across UTMB, and make your pledge.
If you have any questions or need help, please contact Becky Trout at rltrout@utmb.edu or (409) 747-2734.

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