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Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How Easy to Recycle Are Thee!

GO GREEN this holiday season! Help Galveston divert 1,000 trees from the landfall this year  
Christmas trees can be more than just a symbol of celebration during the holidays this year. Turned into mulch, trees can provide benefits year-round. Galveston Partners in Composting—UTMB and the City of Galveston,— encourages everyone to go green this holiday season by recycling your Christmas trees. Galveston’s 19th annual Christmas Tree Recycling Drive runs through January 20. All live evergreen trees, including flocked trees, will be accepted. Wood stands will also be accepted. To ready your tree for recycling, please remove all tinsel, lights, decorations, and plastic or metal stands; wood stands are permitted. “We would like to double, or even triple, the number we receive annually,” said Ken Steblein, UTMB recycling coordinator. “The mulch we make from the recycled trees will be used in Galveston’s landscape during spring planting, but we could use a lot more.”
Galveston Christmas Tree Recycling Program Drop Off Sites:
1. UTMB: December 21  – January 20
Please drop off trees in the Republic Service open-top dumpster at the base of the water tower on the corner of Port Holiday Drive & Harborside Drive.
2. Eco-Center: Now – January 20
Please drop off trees at the Eco-Center, 702 61st Street. The facility will be closed December 24, and 25, and January  1.
3. City Tree Collection Schedule:   
  • Friday, January 11:

City crews will collect trees 61st Street east to 1st Street. Please place trees curbside by 7:30 a.m. 

  • Friday, January 18:

City crews will collect trees 61st Street west to Point San Luis. Please place trees curbside by 7:30 a.m.


For more information about UTMB’s program please call Ken Steblein, (409) 747-2959.

To discuss collections at the Eco-Center please call Paul Booth, (409) 741-1446.

Inquiries about curbside tree collection should be directed to Kevin Matthews, (409) 741-2215.  

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