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Primary Care Pavilion Construction Update: New Entrance, Parking Information

Entrance A at the Primary Care Pavilion (PCP) – at the west end of the building – is now open. Entrance B is closed for approximately six months while crews complete construction. Once complete, both entrances will be open.  

Public parking in the adjacent lot is very limited and, for obvious reasons, is reserved for patients.  Many PCP patients are elderly, have limited mobility, or other issues that necessitate the shortest walk possible. If you are a UTMB employee or student coming to the PCP as a patient and are healthy enough to do so, please consider parking further from Entrance A to save the closer spots for those who need them.
If you are an employee or student with any business at the PCP other than a clinic  visit as a patient,  please DO NOT PARK in the front lot (facing Harborside Drive). You will be ticketed.  
  • If you are going to the PCP for training, a meeting, class or as float staff – please get with the corresponding scheduler, manager or trainer to assist with parking options; or
  • If you have an existing parking spot on campus and can do so, consider walking over to the PCP; or
  • The PCP is served by the free campus shuttle. You may park at the UTMB shuttle lot (behind Walgreens on Seawall Blvd.) and a shuttle bus provides regular service to the PCP and other parts of campus.
Thank you for your help in providing the best possible experience for our patients. We look forward to the opening of the second entrance and to sharing this wonderfully renovated facility with you.    

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