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A Message from the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, UTMB Health - TB Screening

For the safety of its employees and patients, UTMB Health requires that all health care workers participate in annual tuberculosis (TB) screening.  

Annual TB screening helps to prevent the spread of this potentially infectious disease. Screening is also a condition of continued employment for anyone who provides direct patient care, enters patient rooms or comes within six feet of patients in the course of their duties. Please see IHOP Policy 8.1.2 Tuberculosis Surveillance Program for Health Care Workers and the Screening Criteria for Communicable Diseases for more information.

The deadline for health care workers in Nursing Services and Clinics to complete TB screening this year is April 30, 2013. TB testing is offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Employee Health Clinic, located in the Primary Care Pavilion, Suite 125, or at select inpatient units and clinics. A valid employee badge must be presented at the time of testing; no appointment is necessary.

Please note that employees who were tested after September 1, 2012 do not have to be re-screened at this time. Those employees who have had a positive TB test must complete the TB Evaluation Form and return it to the Employee Health Clinic. A chest X-ray will not be required unless an employee is symptomatic. 

Thank you in advance for complying with this important health and safety initiative. Should you have any questions about the annual TB screening requirement, please contact your manager or the Employee Health Clinic at (409) 747-9172.  

Donna K. Sollenberger
Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer
UTMB Health System

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