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Aztec Begins Phasing in New Cleaning Schedule

Business Operations and Facilities (BOF) has announced that Aztec Facility Management Solutions—the company contracted to clean non-clinical buildings on UTMB’s Galveston campus—would like to transition to an after-hours cleaning schedule in certain buildings in coming weeks. Individual buildings will be put on the new schedule only after customers, BOF and Aztec have agreed on a roll-out plan for each facility.
The new schedule will be implemented in eight phases, each taking place after BOF and Aztec managers have gained input from customers in affected areas. The new schedule will increase quality, efficiency and safety, allowing Aztec employees to follow the industry-standard team cleaning approach during times when buildings are less occupied by UTMB employees. The goal is to maintain a clean and safe work environment, while minimizing disruption to daily education, research and business activities.
BOF and Aztec will contact department leaders and administrative contacts in affected areas before their buildings are brought under the new schedule to ensure that the transition plan for a specific building will meet the needs of UTMB faculty and staff in the facility. No building will be put on the new schedule until an acceptable plan is in place. If you receive a notice regarding this change, please help communicate it to your colleagues. The new schedule will not affect hospitals and University Health Clinics (UHC), which are served by Sodexo.
If your department has any concerns or needs to report a cleaning or building maintenance issue, contact the Service Response Center CLEAN Line at 24040.

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