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Medical Reserve Corps Seeks Volunteers

The Galveston County Health District’s Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is seeking volunteers.  As a national organization, the MRC is a community based organization staffed primarily with volunteers.  The mission is the distribution of health information and disaster preparedness. 

The MRC prepares for the potential of emerging diseases, bio-terrorism and radiological events. The Galveston County Health District is here to serve all of Galveston County (291,000 individuals), but we do need the help of individuals such as yourself.  With your participation, we will have a strong pool of volunteers to draw upon in a disaster. 

We believe that you desire to help the community and in return for your help you will receive the following:
·         You and your family will be the first to receive critically needed medication in the event of a disaster
·         You will receive timely heath updates 
·         The rewarding sense of knowing you are participating and helping your community
Your help is sincerely needed.  Please join our health registry today by completing the MRC volunteer application. For questions please contact Jack Ellison, Public Health Planner, at 409-938-2275 or email him at jellison@gchd.org.   (Please note: by volunteering with the MRC, there are no fees required or fundraising.)
Volunteers Needed
·         Medical Personnel (including nurses, physicians, infusionists, or any licensed personnel)
·         Patient Services
·         Support Personnel
·         Facilities Management
·         Students (over 18)
Volunteer Functions to Perform
·         Dispensing medications
·         Triage
·         Registration of patients
·         Administrative duties
·         Set up and operation of the disaster facility

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