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A Message from the Executive Vice President, Provost and Dean, School of Medicine: UTMB Health 2020

August 22, 2013

As part of our ongoing strategic refresh, our entire Academic Enterprise community is invited to participate in an online dialogue between now and Sunday, September 15.  To prepare for your on-line participation, please review the background material ahead of time at our UTMB Health 2020 - Academic Enterprise site, and then review the instructions by clicking here. Full instructions are listed below.
These are opportunities for you to step back and add your voice and your thoughts about what the Academic Enterprise should look like in 2020. The graphic below depicts the general process.
Getting Started
1.      Go to our UTMB Health 2020 - Academic Enterprise site and explore the tabs at the top of the page e.g.,  “Knowledgebase” where links are categorized by subject matter relevant to the 2020 horizon and beyond.   
2.      Jot down descriptors of what you believe UTMB should be in 2020. 
3.      While there, review the “Ideation Instructions” by clicking on the tab located at the top or side menus.  
4.      When you are ready for your on-line participation, set up an account by clicking here and then follow the instructions.  
Designing our future picture and then engineering our plans to achieve it will make us a stronger institution – one better aligned to collaborate in service to others.
Please join us between NOW and September 8 and continue to review new ideas and add your voice. We value your input and need everyone to participate.
Sincerely yours,

Danny O. Jacobs, MD, MPH, FACS
Executive Vice President, Provost and
Dean of the School of Medicine
Thomas N. & Gleaves T. James Distinguished Chair

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