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Get Caught in the Stairwell - Oct. 14

The Nursing Night Council is partnering with the UTMB Health Promotion Team!

Join your co-workers to get
“Caught in the Stairwell”
John Sealy Lobby
Monday, Oct. 14
6 to 8 p.m.
Health promotion staff and volunteers will be in the John Sealy stairwells, along a walking route, in the stretch band demonstration or a relaxation corner to “catch” employees participating in any of these activities. Cold water and other goodies will be provided.
Your Employee Advisory Council Representatives will be available, too.
This activity is party of the UTMB Health Promotion, Training for Life campaign. To learn more about the campaign, log on to www.hr.utmb.edu/ehp.
For more information contact Souby George at sogeorge@utmb.edu or Amy Carroll at acarroll@utmb.edu.

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