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New Conflict-of-Interest Policy Takes Effect Feb. 1

New IHOP Policy 6.5.3 Expands Scope of Conflict of Interest Requirements, Complements Latest UT System Policies

As a university that values personal and professional integrity, UTMB has in place several policies to prevent conflicts of interest. Effective February 1, 2014, a new policy will reflect recent changes to UT System policy and the Regents’ Rules.
The policy, which is required by UT System, applies to all employees and is designed to provide a transparent system of disclosure, approval and documentation of outside activities that is consistent with other UT institutions.
Detailed information about the policy and individual requirements can be found on the Conflicts of Interest Office website, but in brief:
·        It introduces a new process for full-time faculty and exempt employees to gain required prior approval before engaging in certain outside activities defined in the policy.
·        It requires employees to disclose outside activities.
·        It outlines activities that are no longer permissible and defines monetary thresholds for some types of outside activity.
·        Required training for researchers will be available in person and online. Optional training for non-research employees will be offered and is recommended.
Please take time now to visit the Conflicts of Interest Office website to learn more about the revised policy, how it will affect you when it becomes effective and training opportunities available to you. The site will be updated soon with details on how to access an online portal UT System is developing to record prior-approval requests and disclosures. If you have any questions or would like the Conflicts of Interest Office to present information on the policy to your work group, please contact coi.in@utmb.edu.
Thank you for honoring UTMB’s core value of integrity in your daily work to fulfill our mission of improving health for the people of Texas and around the world.
Dr. David L. Callender

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