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Epic EMR Software System Upgrade - April 12

On Saturday, April 12, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. thru 6:00 p.m. (1000-1800), the Epic EMR will be unavailable due to a system upgrade. New features include:

  • new navigator sections for MyChart signup from the exam room,
  • updates to patients lists, and
  • the ability to fax from within the communication management section.  

Epic resources will be on-site to assist as issues are encountered. Below is a brief outline of the dates, logistics and resources staff can refer to during the upcoming Epic upgrade.

Monday, April 7: Pre-upgrade 

During the pre-upgrade preparation, users will not be able to create new SmartPhrases, SmartForm Macros or personalize the Ophthalmology exam form.

Saturday April 12: Epic 2012 Upgrade

Beginning at 10:00 a.m., system access for Epic will removed from all users; downtime is estimated to last six to eight hours barring any unforeseen incidents.

Change Center Support: ext. 2-5200

All issues during this time will be logged into Service Desk Express (SDE), the tracking tool used by the IS Support Desk. Users experiencing issues should call ext. 2-5200 and select option 4. Analysts for each of the applications will be staffed in the Change Center and second-level analysts will be available at Clear Lake Center for issue resolution; assistance will be available 24-hours a day as soon as the system is open to end users. This schedule will remain in place for one week or until leadership determines that call volumes no longer support 24/7 on-site coverage.

Floor Support

Analysts will be assigned to areas of expertise and will round through the hospital and clinics offering assistance, should any problems occur. If a problem is reported at a location where an analyst is not assigned, one will be dispatched or will connect to a user through a remote desktop tool. Ambulatory analysts will remain dispatched during operating clinic hours and inpatient/ED/OR analysts will work 12-hour shifts to ensure 24/7 support.

Prioritization and Response Time

Properly prioritizing issues is an important task. Guidelines, available at http://intranet.utmb.edu/healthsystem/Communications/EpicUpgrade/help.asp will help remove subjectivity from the issue prioritization process. Response times are based on the level of importance.

Change Control

To ensure the integrity of the data and the system, as well as maintain stability for end-users and patients, the process of moving changes to production will follow the same process and rigor as during normal business hours.

Thank you all for your teamwork, patience and support during this time! 


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