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2014 Hurricane Prep Made Simple: A Meeting for the UTMB Community

Noon, Friday, May 23
Levin Hall Main Auditorium
June 1 brings the start of hurricane season, and preparation is the key to successfully weathering any storm. Everyone is encouraged to attend this one-hour, concise overview of UTMB’s hurricane response plan. Learn more about how decisions are made when a storm enters the Gulf, the outlook for the 2014 season, your responsibilities as an individual student or employee, and how the university will communicate with you before, during and after a storm. You’ll also have time to ask questions of our Institutional Emergency Preparedness Officer, Human Resources, UTMB Police, Marketing and Communications, and others.
Presentations include:
  • An overview of our incident command structure, by Dr. Joan Richardson, Institutional Emergency Preparedness Officer
  • A look ahead at the 2014 storm season
  • Your role and responsibilities in an emergency
  • Maintaining security in an emergency
  • How UTMB will communicate with you in an emergency
Can't make the meeting? Below are alternate viewing options:
  • This session will be broadcast live on campus TV Channel 53; a signal of the meeting is sent to many remote sites (such as RMCH telehealth locations) via the Information Services Video Operations network.
  • A live webcast will be offered and will be available using Apple Quicktime stream - (*Note: Quicktime player is required.) Check the site approximately 30 minutes before the meeting for an active link to the webcast.
  • CMC participants can view online using a PC and this Media Windows link. To view the meeting using an existing DMS video conference room system, remote locations must RSVP to Veronica Pleasant at vpleasan@utmb.edu or the ISVO Control Room at (409) 747-9037 to ensure and confirm video connectivity for the actual event.
  • A video of the session will be posted on the Emergency Operations web site after the meeting.

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