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Galveston College Partners with UTMB to Train Clinical Research Coordinators

Galveston College and UTMB have collaborated to develop the Clinical Research Coordinator Program.  A $50,000 grant from UTMB’s President’s Cabinet Awards administered by Dr. David Callender provided the impetus to begin the new program.

The Board of Regents of the Galveston Community College District has approved these programs to deliver training and education for an Advanced Technical Certificate as a Clinical Research Coordinator and a full two year Associate of Applied Science degree as a Clinical Research Coordinator.

The Clinical Research Coordinator programs prepare students for careers managing research studies conducted in the development of new drugs and medical devices. Graduates will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to coordinate clinical trial activities and will understand applicable laws and standards inherent in Good Clinical Practice (GCP). The training emphasizes an understanding of the interactions and relationships between key members of the clinical research industry. The program is designed to prepare for entry-level employment in a variety of venues such as: research sites in medical centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech companies or contract research organizations.

The first two semester certificate program will begin this fall at Galveston College.  Applications are being accepted now.  For more information contact Dr. Judith Schmidt at 409-944-1381 or the Nursing Department at 409-944-1388. Program details also are available at www.gc.edu/gc/Clinical_Research_Coordinator_Certificate.asp.

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