Galveston County Daily News, Oct. 11, 2006 By Dr. James S. Goodwin It can appear unseemly and self-serving to praise one’s boss in public but, now that he is stepping down as President of UTMB, it’s open season on Jack Stobo. I was profoundly happy when I learned nine years ago that he was coming to the University of Texas Medical Branch. He was (and is) an academic superstar. Consider his accomplishments in research. One way to measure the influence of scientists is how often their publications are cited by other publications – in other words, whether their scientific findings are influencing the work of others.  Papers that are cited by a hundred or more scientists in their subsequent publications are considered groundbreaking. Most scientists would be happy to publish two or three such papers Stobo published more than 25. And he published them before the age of 45 because, when he became chairman of the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, he gave up his scientific career to concentrate full-time on leadership. His leadership has been exemplary. Consider his work with promoting the advancement of women in academic medicine.