Water Online, Oct. 25, 2006http://www.wateronline.com/content/news/article.asp?DocID=%7B57AE785F-DA4D-4D42-856DD3CAC8AB5F83%7D&Bucket=Current+Headlines Boston, MA — Practical Applications, Inc. has won the bid to design and construct the chemical decontamination system for the Medical College of Wisconsin BioSafety Lab (BSL). PAI has designed a similar system for use at the BSL-3 laboratory at Duke University. The system will be used to kill biological pathogens found in laboratory wastewater generated by the university as it studies infectious diseases. Other universities constructing similar facilities include Boston University and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, which will both be National Biocontainment Laboratories, classified as BSL-4, studying viruses such as Ebola and Anthrax.