Guidry News Service, Dec. 19, 2006 As the second leading cause of cancer death among women, breast cancer is a concern for every woman. The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 40,000 U.S. women died of breast cancer in 2005. To alleviate those odds, a UTMB doctor who has dedicated her career to the early detection of breast cancer, has given a generous cap-stone gift to complete an endowment that will allow the training of breast imaging specialists. In her state-of-the-art clinic, Dr. Tuenchit Khamapirad directs the breast imaging section of the department of radiology at UTMB and provides compassionate care to women facing the possibility that they may have breast cancer. Early detection is key to surviving the disease but according to Khamapirad ? known to her patients and colleagues as “Dr. TK” ? few radiologists specialize in breast imaging.