Galveston County Daily News, Dec. 19, 2006 The time was 1971. Times in Galveston were good. Falstaff was still brewing America’s choicest beer at 34th Street and Church Street. Bill Fullen had just purchased the Ryder Building on The Strand. He asked yours truly to come down and see his new purchase. I drove to The Strand, knowing well what it was like in this part of town. Most businesses had long left The Strand. A great number of the buildings were boarded up and those that weren’t had the downtrodden and homeless sleeping in the doorways. My first question to Bill was: “What in the world possessed you to buy a building in this part of town? Even the police avoid this area of town unless called down to arrest someone. I was sure that he had lost his mind. I even suggested a couple of good psychiatrists at University of Texas Medical Branch.