Galveston County Daily News, March 13, 2007 By Karen Sexton At UTMB hospitals and clinics our goal is to provide the best possible care and safety for our patients. We have many checks and balances that keep our patients safe and help prevent errors. For example, our caregivers ask for identification frequently and in several ways. This is done to ensure that we are providing care to the right patient. Moreover, we recently participated in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's "Save 100,000" Lives" campaign. Among the new efforts it spawned was a Rapid Response Team, which ensures immediate response to the bedside by experts when the patient's condition changes - before it progresses to an emergency. But patients also must help ensure their own safety and we believe that educating them how to do so will help keep them safe during hospital stays. For example, if you are hospitalized and not asked your name by your caregiver, offer it to them to help avoid any confusion and potential error. Here are more tips to make your hospital stay more secure.