For immediate release: May 16, 2007

GALVESTON, Texas - A $500,000 award from the University of Texas System will enable the School of Nursing at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston to create a multipurpose interdisciplinary research area crucial to the recruitment of research faculty.

Kathy Lucke, SON associate dean for academic programs and administration, said the funding "will help position UTMB at a strategic advantage for obtaining additional funding from the National Institutes of Health." Development of the new research area will allow nurse-scientists in the School of Nursing to work with other researchers at UTMB to focus on such behavioral interventions as exercise and support groups for underserved populations.

Lucke says that the focus on behavior "augments our biologic initiatives" and existing research infrastructure. Research at the School of Nursing is translational in nature, which means the results are expected to be used in clinical practice. The funding also helps to educate junior faculty and graduate students who will become the next generation of scientists.

"In a time of fiscal constraints and a faculty shortage, the ENTER grant is a godsend for the School of Nursing," said Dean Pamela G. Watson. "We have been able to obtain financial support to provide research-related facilities and equipment to encourage talented, doctoral-prepared faculty to join us. We are proud that we have successfully competed for two grants now totaling $1 million." Last year, a $500,000 ENTER grant was used to establish the Center for Nursing Research and Evaluation at UTMB.

The funds for the research area come from the UT System's Enrich Nursing Through Exceptional Recruitment program. ENTER funds are used to provide equipment and renovations related to the recruitment and retention of faculty at nursing schools in the UT System.
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