Galveston County Daily News, June 13, 2007 By Sally Robinson and Keith Bly GALVESTON - How expensive it is to take the family anywhere? Twenty dollars here, $20 dollars there, it adds up.  Organized activities require transportation, parking, tickets, planning and a lot of money. Most kids have just as much fun spending time with their families doing simple, cheap things. And Galveston is full of them. Here is our favorite list of quiet and inexpensive ways to spend quality time with the kids after work. We're sure there are lots more. If we miss your favorites, or if you live off the island, but have fun spots of your own, please e-mail us, and we'll pass them on in a later article. So here we go: Monday is beach night. Shorts or swimsuit are ideal. Catch the first breeze of evening with a walk on the Seawall. Eat a snow cone with the kids, wander down to the beach where sand and sea meet, splash feet, dig your toes in, take the time to build a sand castle or just dig a hole, sit in the surf and let the waves wash over you. Tuesday is free band concert behind Ashton Villa, across from Rosenberg Library in the gazebo. It starts with the Pledge of Allegiance and includes lots of timeless big band music. It's a wonderful event for kids with a weekly children's flag parade around the park's perimeter and a name-that-tune contest for kids. This concert has been going on for 79 years. It almost ended a couple of years ago, but we sort of hope more kids of all ages take the time to enjoy and keep the music flowing on warm summer evenings. Wednesday is park night, playground night at Schreiber Park or Kempner Park or any of the playgrounds in the city. Thursday is the night for a free ride on the ferry. Our kids never get tired of it. Neither do we.