Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 06/17/06 Elton and Denise Glaze had an unusual reaction to Elton’s lymphoma treatment halting — they staged a one-vehicle protest in a hospital parking lot Friday. Elton Glaze said he had been treated for lymphoma, a form of cancer, for more than a year. On Wednesday, he and his wife said University of Texas Medical Branch officials told them that because of a lack of funds for indigent care, he would no longer receive treatment. Glaze lost his insurance in 2004 when the owner of the yacht on which he served as captain sold the vessel, leaving him jobless. Shortly after getting the hospital’s news, the Glazes said they received another call from the hospital. “They told us his lymphoma had gone into remission and so he wouldn’t need any more chemotherapy,” Denise Glaze said.