Grand Rapids Press (Internet / Print) 05/31/06 Guest Column by Dr. Howard Brody: "When Trust in Doctors Erodes, Other Treatments Fill the Void." That was the headline of an article by Benedict Carey in the New York Times (Feb. 3) -- guaranteed to attract a doctor's attention. Carey astutely listed several reasons many patients seek out what's classified as "complementary-alternative medicine." How do these reasons stack up? “The alternative practitioner listens to me”, for example. This, to me, is the reason for seeking complementary-alternative medicine that most condemns much of "conventional" practice. There is nothing about "science" or "medicine" that says not to listen to the patient and take what the patient says very seriously. When conventional medicine decided to form an assembly line, when too many docs imagined we were too busy to listen, we betrayed the patient. No wonder patients want better. They deserve better, no matter what sort of medicines they take.