Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/19/06 Letter to the Editor: In regard to the article “No one looking out for middle class” (The Daily News, May 3), I totally relate to Edith Watson when she says: “I worked a little too hard, so I’m being punished.” My husband makes too much to get assistance and not enough to pay for health insurance. He’s the only one we can afford to cover, and he can’t afford the doctor. The kids and I go to 4Cs or the emergency room. When I go to the financial screening appointments, University of Texas Medical Branch and 4Cs ask for my income but not my expenses. Don’t they know we have mortgages, car payments, home and auto insurance, taxes, not to mention utilities and the rising cost of gas? Making more money does not mean we have all these extra dollars in our pockets. I guess it is a punishment to work hard these days. My husband could quit his job, collect food stamps and Medicaid and not have to stress out every time the kids start coughing.