Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/18/06 Weekly Column by Dr. Sally Robinson and Dr. Keith Bly: Many parents don’t realize that their child may not be getting enough sleep every night. Most people feel that eight hours a night is plenty of sleep for a school-aged child. However, children aged 5 to 12 years need about nine to 12 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is important for children because it has an effect on their mental and physical well-being, and the hormone that stimulates growth is released while a child sleeps. Children who have sleep problems, such as daytime drowsiness, loud snoring or breathing pauses during sleep may have a sleep disorder. If your child has these symptoms, talk to your pediatrician. Here’s another thing to keep in mind: The earlier your children go to bed, the more time you have to relax and catch up on your own sleep.