Trustee Bulletin (Print) April 2006 (no weblink available) The City of Galveston is no stranger to devastating storms. Mindful of that history and the recent debacles during Hurricane Katrina, UTMB’s Karen Sexton was determined not to have a similar story. “We knew that on the heels of Katrina, there was a great deal of anxiety along the entire Gulf Coast. If Rita decided to call on us, we wanted to be able to tell a different story – a better story,” she says. On Wed., Sept. 27, UTMB houses 427 patients. By 8:30 p.m., all of them had been evacuated safely by helicopter, aircraft, ambulance, and even employee’s personal vehicles. Sexton says UTMB “narrowly escaped a direct hit and was able to keep everyone safe.” She adds, “An emergency plan is necessary, but what is more important is to be guided by the right principles to patients, employees and the community.