PROFIT (Internet / Print) 05/04/06 Cutting-edge telemedicine services enable University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Texas (UTMB) to treat an average of 60,000 patients a year. The heart of its UTMB Electronic Health Network service is a powerful electronic medical record (EMR) system based on Oracle Database 10g. UTMB's Electronic Health Network combines EMR with networking technology, remote diagnostic equipment, and videoconferencing. Dr. Glen Hammack, assistant vice president and executive director of the UTMB Electronic Health Network, reveals that the EMR used by the system is very complete and contains everything from dental care to mental health services, as well as information on chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. Everything is documented in the daily electronic medical record system. Currently, the system handles over a million interactions a day and averages over 3,000 simultaneous EMR users.