Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/03/06 Edith Watson says she feels like the forgotten person in the debate over affordable health care. “There’s nothing out there for the middle class,” she said. Watson noted recent news reports indicating that those without health insurance were actually being billed at a much higher rate. “It was all laid out on ‘60 Minutes,’” she said. That rate is what the University of Texas Medical Branch calls its regular rate, but John Stobo, the institution’s president, says almost no one actually pays it. “Less than 1 percent of the people who don’t have health insurance actually pay that charge,” he said. David Connaughton, chief financial officer of UTMB hospitals and clinics, says Medicaid on average pays about 37 percent of that rate and Medicare pays 46 percent. The amount charged to the average person with insurance, he said, comes out to about 51 percent.