Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/02/06 Guest Column by Dr. Patrice Barnum: Care of people is always rewarding for me. In my childhood, helping others became important and now, in my field of geriatric medicine, I feel blessed to touch the lives of people in so many meaningful ways. When I launched into my career, I often thought how I would want my grandmother treated. I learned many valuable lessons from her, but one especially important was to pay attention to the whole person. Clearly, good physical health is significant, but each of the other aspects of a whole person that need consideration — the emotional, spiritual and social aspects — plays into the big picture for well-being overall. During my medical training, and now in my practice, I have made a concerted effort to remain mindful that each patient has different needs, so I strive to look deeper than the health concern that brought them to me.