Continuing to receive international coverage is a study by UTMB Drs. Abbey Berenson and Mahbubur Rahman that says millions of obese women may be falling through the cracks of current weight guidelines. In the study of women aged 20 to 33 years, they found that more than a quarter weren’t labeled as obese according to widely used standards, even though more accurate measurements put them in that category. Hispanic women stood out in particular, with more than two-thirds landing in the obese range when doctors measured their body fat. If confirmed, that number would place them ahead of African-American women, who have the highest obesity rates according to current U.S. standards. “We are missing a lot of the women who need assistance,” Berenson told Reuters Health. “We’re not counseling them accurately.” The study is published in the medical journal Obstetrics and Gynecology. An article on it also appears in ScienceDaily.