Cardiovascular workouts like running and cycling can provide huge benefits, but they’re not the only path to burning fat, wrote UTMB’s Dr. Jeff Temple and Ben Seidensticker, a summer undergraduate research program scholar, in this guest column. “A lower-intensity workout like walking can, through time, reduce your stress and help you meet those very same weight loss and fitness goals. In addition to burning calories, a walking habit can work as an appetite suppressor and a daily metabolism booster. Daily walks even have been shown to reduce risks for heart disease, diabetes and cancer. … Galveston is waking up to the usefulness of the walk. Right now, a massive campaign is under way to get communities and schools passionate about walking. On Sept. 25, there will be a Galveston Walks! event starting at 10 a.m. at the following new Hope Mile walking locations: Rosenberg, San Jacinto, Morgan, Ball-Scott, Central Renaissance Zones, St. Vincent’s House and the McGuire-Dent Recreational Center.”