In this guest column, UTMB Health professor Ahmed E. Ahmed wrote about the positive changes to the institution over the last year. “For the past year, all what I hear, see and feel at UTMB is positive and encouraging. It is morally and spiritually enlivening when you hear the medical branch is in the black this year and our future development is on a steady and stable road of progress. Our students’ classrooms are being rebuilt and renovated or refurbished to accommodate the most contemporary audiovisual-educational technologies for the convenient use of our students. Our inpatient facilities and rooms are being modernized and upgraded to accommodate the utmost in medical facilities, equipment and knowledge for the benefits of our inpatient health care. Outstanding clinical and basic scientists are being recruited for appointments in various departments and institutes at all schools of UTMB. Our research teams are heaving ahead with the most innovative research programs in the country on both the clinical and basic sciences and in between.”