Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 06/26/06 The University of Texas Medical Branch, in partnership with the city of Jamaica Beach and the Galveston County Health District, has created West Isle Telemed to provide weekend medical care on Galveston Island’s West End. Assisted by a paramedic, a physician will examine the patient remotely using a telemedicine cart equipped with medical devices and a video screen for a face-to-face consultation. “We needed a way to offer care and, at the same time, bring relief to our already overburdened medical facilities and emergency services,” said Jerry Mohn, president of the West Galveston Island Property Owners’ Association. During the summer, nearly 80 percent of all emergency calls come from the West End and most occur on the weekends, Mohn said. “But not all the calls fit the criteria to be considered ‘real’ emergencies,” he said.